append Interface

private interface append


interface~~append~12~~CallsGraph interface~append~12 append proc~append_newnode append_newNode interface~append~12->proc~append_newnode interface~append~10 append proc~append_newnode->interface~append~10


Module Procedures

private subroutine append_newNode(me, treeID, PropertyBits, sublevel, minLevel, pos, grwTreeID)

Append a new node to the protoTree.

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type(sdr_node_type), intent(inout) :: me

The nodelist to which the node is to be appended.

integer(kind=long_k), intent(in) :: treeID

The treeID of the node to append.

integer, intent(in) :: PropertyBits(:)

The Bitmask of initial properties to set.

integer, intent(in) :: sublevel

Sublevel indication, counts down after the target node. Has to be negative if not a subelement. Only relevant if subelement_resolution > 0.

Refinement will be stopped, when sublevel 0 is reached.

integer, intent(in) :: minLevel

Minlevel to refine this node

integer, intent(out) :: pos

Position in the list, where the node was appended.

type(grw_longarray_type), intent(inout), optional :: grwTreeID

growing array of treeID, append treeID to this list if present