flood_parents Subroutine

private subroutine flood_parents(proto, color_inverted)

Mark all virtual nodes, which contain a flooded child as flooded starting from the second finest level moving up to the root. This allows to easily avoid non-flooded domains later on.


type(sdr_protoTree_type), intent(inout) :: proto

The proto tree description with all the data enabling the flooding.

logical, intent(in) :: color_inverted(:)

List of flags for each color to indicate, wether the color should be inverted after flooding.

Called by

proc~~flood_parents~~CalledByGraph proc~flood_parents flood_parents proc~sdr_flood_tree sdr_flood_tree proc~sdr_flood_tree->proc~flood_parents program~seeder seeder program~seeder->proc~sdr_flood_tree



integer, private :: iNode
integer, private :: iLevel
integer, private :: firstchild
integer, private :: childprops(8)
integer, private :: nodeflooded_bit
integer, private :: propLength
integer, private :: nodeprops
integer, private :: col_int
integer, private :: col_bit
integer, private :: iColor
integer, private :: nInverted
integer, private :: iInv
integer, private, allocatable:: invColor(:)