ply_legVal Function

private function ply_legVal(points, nPoints, maxPolyDegree) result(val)

Evaluate a given set of Legendre polynomials a given set of 1D points.


real(kind=rk), intent(in) :: points(:)

A given set of 1D points.

integer, intent(in) :: nPoints

The number of points to evaluate the polynomials at.

integer, intent(in) :: maxPolyDegree

The maximal polynomial degree to evaluate for.

Return Value real(kind=rk),allocatable,(:,:)

Function values for for all Legendre polynomials up to degree maxPolyDegree at all given points. Therefore the dimension of this array is (maxPolyDegree+1, nPoints)

Called by

proc~~ply_legval~~CalledByGraph proc~ply_legval ply_legVal proc~ply_qlegonedimcoeff ply_QLegOneDimCoeff proc~ply_qlegonedimcoeff->proc~ply_legval proc~ply_initqlegprojcoeff ply_initQLegProjCoeff proc~ply_initqlegprojcoeff->proc~ply_qlegonedimcoeff proc~ply_qpolyprojection ply_QPolyProjection proc~ply_qpolyprojection->proc~ply_initqlegprojcoeff



integer, private :: iAns