ply_transfer_dofs_1D Subroutine

public subroutine ply_transfer_dofs_1D(indat, indegree, outdat, outdegree)

Transfer of degrees of freedom from one polynomial to another in 1D.

If the indat is larger than outdat, the higher modes are truncated. If outdat is larger, higher modes are padded with zeros.


real(kind=rk), intent(in) :: indat(:)

Input data to transfer to output data.

integer, intent(in) :: indegree

Degree of the input polynomial. There are indegree+1 modes expected in indat.

real(kind=rk), intent(out) :: outdat(:)

Output data to fill with input data.

integer, intent(in) :: outdegree

Degree of the output polynomial. There are outdegree+1 modes expected in outdat.

Called by

proc~~ply_transfer_dofs_1d~~CalledByGraph proc~ply_transfer_dofs_1d ply_transfer_dofs_1D proc~ply_transfer_dofs ply_transfer_dofs proc~ply_transfer_dofs->proc~ply_transfer_dofs_1d proc~ply_subres_import_color ply_subres_import_color proc~ply_subres_import_color->proc~ply_transfer_dofs proc~sdr_hvs_props_import_dofs sdr_hvs_props_import_dofs proc~sdr_hvs_props_import_dofs->proc~ply_subres_import_color program~sdr_harvesting sdr_harvesting program~sdr_harvesting->proc~sdr_hvs_props_import_dofs



integer, private :: minOrd