sdr_any_bc_subresolution Function

public function sdr_any_bc_subresolution(attribute) result(any_subres)

Returns if any bc attribute has the subresolution option set.

The subresolution option only plays a role for boundary objects and only for those with a specific color (not none). This routine iterates over all boundary definitions and checks the subresolution flag. If any flag is true, the result of the function will be true. Only colors, which do have a corresponding seed are considered here. Note, that the subresolution flag will only be set for specific colors, thus, we do not need to check for 'none' colors here separately.


type(sdr_attrList_type), intent(in) :: attribute

The attribute list to check th boundaries in.

Return Value logical

Returned value, true if any boundary object has the subresolution flag set.

Called by

proc~~sdr_any_bc_subresolution~~CalledByGraph proc~sdr_any_bc_subresolution sdr_any_bc_subresolution proc~sdr_build_prototree sdr_build_protoTree proc~sdr_build_prototree->proc~sdr_any_bc_subresolution program~seeder seeder program~seeder->proc~sdr_build_prototree



integer, private :: nBCs
integer, private :: iBC
integer, private :: iAttr