sdr_color_log2char Function

public function sdr_color_log2char(node, logicals) result(colchar)

Return all colors encoded in an array of characters based on an array of logicals indicating for each color wether it should be set or not.

Each character is supposed to hold an ASCII symbol and by setting the byte bits, we can store up to 7 colors in each character.


type(sdr_node_type), intent(in) :: node

Description of the nodes in the prototree.

logical, intent(in) :: logicals(:)

Flag for each color wether it should be set or not.

Return Value character(node%nColorChars)

Gathered color information in an array of characters.

Called by

proc~~sdr_color_log2char~~CalledByGraph proc~sdr_color_log2char sdr_color_log2char proc~create_target create_target proc~create_target->proc~sdr_color_log2char proc~traverse_tree traverse_tree proc~traverse_tree->proc~create_target proc~traverse_tree->proc~traverse_tree proc~sdr_proto2treelm sdr_proto2treelm proc~sdr_proto2treelm->proc~traverse_tree program~seeder seeder program~seeder->proc~sdr_proto2treelm



integer, private :: charcount
integer, private :: charbit
integer, private :: iColor
integer, private :: iNotNone
integer, private :: tmpColor(node%nColorChars)