sdr_identify_bc_colors Subroutine

public subroutine sdr_identify_bc_colors(attribute)

Identify all unique boundary colors, after all boundary attributes and seeds are known.

This has to be done separately from reading the attributes, due to the interdependence of the boundaries and seed objects. It has to be ensured that all seed objects are known at this point.

The bc_colors will correspond to the unique color name list, or are 0 if the bc color does not exist in that list. 'none' bc colors are marked negatively as they are to be applied to all seed colors.


type(sdr_attrList_type), intent(inout) :: attribute


proc~~sdr_identify_bc_colors~~CallsGraph proc~sdr_identify_bc_colors sdr_identify_bc_colors interface~positionofval~3 positionofval proc~sdr_identify_bc_colors->interface~positionofval~3

Called by

proc~~sdr_identify_bc_colors~~CalledByGraph proc~sdr_identify_bc_colors sdr_identify_bc_colors proc~sdr_load_geometry sdr_load_geometry proc~sdr_load_geometry->proc~sdr_identify_bc_colors proc~sdr_load_config sdr_load_config proc~sdr_load_config->proc~sdr_load_geometry program~seeder seeder program~seeder->proc~sdr_load_config



integer, private :: nBCs
integer, private :: colorpos
integer, private :: iBC
integer, private :: iAttr
character(len=labelLen), private :: bc_color