sdr_wetNeighborsFace_single Subroutine

private subroutine sdr_wetNeighborsFace_single(node, iNode, col_int, col_bit)

This routine will wet the neighbors sides of the neighbor node

col_int is the integer in which the flags for this color are encoded. col_bit is the 0th bit of this color within the integer. Thus, for the first color it should be col_int = 1, col_bit = 0. iNode is the index of the node whose neighbors are to be marked as wet. Note, that this will be done unconditionally, that is regardless of the state in iNode itself. Be aware, that the indices of neighbor need to be available in the linkpos array when calling this routine!


type(sdr_node_type), intent(inout) :: node

List of all nodes in the tree

integer, intent(in) :: iNode

Current node

integer, intent(in) :: col_int
integer, intent(in) :: col_bit

Called by

proc~~sdr_wetneighborsface_single~~CalledByGraph proc~sdr_wetneighborsface_single sdr_wetNeighborsFace_single proc~sdr_wetneighborsface_all sdr_wetNeighborsFace_all proc~sdr_wetneighborsface_all->proc~sdr_wetneighborsface_single interface~sdr_wetneighborsface sdr_wetNeighborsFace interface~sdr_wetneighborsface->proc~sdr_wetneighborsface_single interface~sdr_wetneighborsface->proc~sdr_wetneighborsface_all proc~sdr_build_prototree sdr_build_protoTree proc~sdr_build_prototree->interface~sdr_wetneighborsface proc~floodwaves_tree floodwaves_tree proc~floodwaves_tree->interface~sdr_wetneighborsface proc~sdr_flood_tree sdr_flood_tree proc~sdr_flood_tree->proc~floodwaves_tree program~seeder seeder program~seeder->proc~sdr_build_prototree program~seeder->proc~sdr_flood_tree



integer, private :: iDir
integer, private :: iSide
integer, private :: dir_off
integer, private :: neighbor_pos
integer, private :: neighborside
integer, private :: mySide
integer, private :: neighborbit_pos