sdr_box_type Derived Type

type, public :: sdr_box_type

This type contains origin and vec of box in each direction

Inherited by

type~~sdr_box_type~~InheritedByGraph type~sdr_box_type sdr_box_type type~grw_boxarray_type grw_boxarray_type type~grw_boxarray_type->type~sdr_box_type val



real(kind=rk), private :: center(3)

center of the box

real(kind=rk), private :: halfvec(3,3)

vector which defines length of the box in x,y,z direction 1st dimension contains x,y,z coord and 2nd dimension defines three direction of vector. This vector is need to do transformation of box

real(kind=rk), private :: halfwidth(3)

halfwidth of the box from center in each direction. It is computed from halfvec during initialization since it is needed for boxboxoverlap

real(kind=rk), private :: normal(3,3)

unit normal vectors which defines the box orientation. It is computed from halfvec during initialization