sdr_intersectObjPos_type Derived Type

type, public :: sdr_intersectObjPos_type

This data type describes first and last intersected object of a node in growing array of intersected_objects.

Childs intersected objects are filled in parents intersected objects position until childs objects fit. Children are filled with sorted fashsion from child with max nObjects to least

Inherited by

type~~sdr_intersectobjpos_type~~InheritedByGraph type~sdr_intersectobjpos_type sdr_intersectObjPos_type type~grw_intersectobjposarray_type grw_intersectobjposarray_type type~grw_intersectobjposarray_type->type~sdr_intersectobjpos_type val type~sdr_node_type sdr_node_type type~sdr_node_type->type~grw_intersectobjposarray_type userObjPos, distObjPos type~sdr_prototree_type sdr_protoTree_type type~sdr_prototree_type->type~sdr_node_type node



integer, private :: first

First position of intersected object in 1st list

integer, private :: last

Last position of intersected object in 1st list