my_status_string_vec Function

public function my_status_string_vec(key, info) result(val)

This function returns the strings in the first line which starts with the specified key strings in the text returned from print_self_status.

The key strings themselves are excluded from the returned string. If the specified key is not found in the text an empty string will be returned.

info can be used to change the input that should be read, it defaults to '/proc/self/status'.


character(len=*), intent(in) :: key(:)
character(len=*), intent(in), optional :: info

Return Value character(len=80)(size(key))


proc~~my_status_string_vec~~CallsGraph proc~my_status_string_vec my_status_string_vec proc~print_self_status print_self_status proc~my_status_string_vec->proc~print_self_status proc~newunit newunit proc~my_status_string_vec->proc~newunit proc~print_self_status->proc~newunit

Called by

proc~~my_status_string_vec~~CalledByGraph proc~my_status_string_vec my_status_string_vec proc~my_status_int_vec my_status_int_vec proc~my_status_int_vec->proc~my_status_string_vec proc~tem_trackmem tem_trackmem proc~tem_trackmem->proc~my_status_int_vec



integer, private :: scratchUnit
character(len=80), private :: bufline
integer, private :: ios
integer, private :: n
integer, private :: i
integer, private :: keylen(size(key))
logical, private :: match