tem_refine_global_subtree Subroutine

public subroutine tem_refine_global_subtree(orig_mesh, orig_bcs, subtree, ndims, new_mesh, new_bcs, restrict_to_sub)

Refine all elements defined in subtree by one level in the original mesh, and create a new mesh.

Orig_mesh needs to be a properly defined treelmesh, and subtree an accompanying subtree in that mesh. orig_bcs needs to be the boundary conditions accompanying the original mesh. New_mesh will be the resulting mesh after refining the elements at elempos. New_bcs will be the resulting boundary conditions for that new mesh. Per default, the elements from the orig_mesh that are not covered by the subtree are still part of new_mesh, just not refined. To change this behavior and include only the refined elements in the new mesh, set restrict_to_sub to true.

The boundary properties are the only ones, that will be inherited to the new mesh. All other properties will get lost!!!


type(treelmesh_type), intent(in) :: orig_mesh

The original mesh to be refined.

type(tem_BC_prop_type), intent(in) :: orig_bcs

Boundary conditions for the original mesh.

type(tem_subTree_type), intent(in) :: subtree

(Process local) positions of elements to refine.

integer, intent(in) :: ndims

Number of dimensions for the refinement

The dimensionality can restrict the elements to create.

type(treelmesh_type), intent(out) :: new_mesh

Newly created refined mesh.

type(tem_BC_prop_type), intent(out) :: new_bcs

Boundary conditions for the new mesh.

logical, intent(in), optional :: restrict_to_sub

Flag to indicate, wether only refined elements should be put into the new mesh.


proc~~tem_refine_global_subtree~~CallsGraph proc~tem_refine_global_subtree tem_refine_global_subtree mpi_allgather mpi_allgather proc~tem_refine_global_subtree->mpi_allgather mpi_exscan mpi_exscan proc~tem_refine_global_subtree->mpi_exscan interface~destroy~15 destroy proc~tem_refine_global_subtree->interface~destroy~15 proc~tem_eligiblechildren tem_eligibleChildren proc~tem_refine_global_subtree->proc~tem_eligiblechildren interface~init~15 init proc~tem_refine_global_subtree->interface~init~15 interface~append~16 append proc~tem_refine_global_subtree->interface~append~16 mpi_bcast mpi_bcast proc~tem_refine_global_subtree->mpi_bcast proc~destroy_ga2d_real destroy_ga2d_real interface~destroy~15->proc~destroy_ga2d_real proc~init_ga2d_real init_ga2d_real interface~init~15->proc~init_ga2d_real proc~append_singlega2d_real append_singlega2d_real interface~append~16->proc~append_singlega2d_real proc~append_arrayga2d_real append_arrayga2d_real interface~append~16->proc~append_arrayga2d_real interface~expand~14 expand proc~append_singlega2d_real->interface~expand~14 proc~append_arrayga2d_real->interface~expand~14 proc~expand_ga2d_real expand_ga2d_real interface~expand~14->proc~expand_ga2d_real



logical, public :: restrict
logical, public :: refine_all
integer, public :: iParent
integer, public :: nParents
integer, public :: parentpos
integer, public :: childpos
integer, public :: newpos
integer, public :: subpos
integer, public :: iError
integer, public :: bcprop
integer, public :: iBC_elem
integer, public :: iElem
integer, public :: iChild
integer, public :: iProp
integer, public :: iSide
integer(kind=long_k), public :: nNewElems
integer(kind=long_k), public :: nBCElems
integer(kind=long_k), public :: childID_off
integer(kind=long_k), public :: child_bcid(orig_bcs%nSides,2**ndims)
integer, public, allocatable:: bc_child(:)
type(grw_long2darray_type), public :: newbcid
logical, public :: has_boundary