tem_subTree_type Derived Type

type, public :: tem_subTree_type

Datatype for sub trees incl. local and global information as well as an array of pointers to the global list of treeIDs


type~~tem_subtree_type~~InheritsGraph type~tem_subtree_type tem_subTree_type type~tem_property_type tem_property_type type~tem_subtree_type->type~tem_property_type Property type~tem_global_type tem_global_type type~tem_subtree_type->type~tem_global_type global type~tem_prophead_type tem_prophead_type type~tem_global_type->type~tem_prophead_type Property

Inherited by

type~~tem_subtree_type~~InheritedByGraph type~tem_subtree_type tem_subTree_type type~tem_convergence_type tem_convergence_type type~tem_convergence_type->type~tem_subtree_type subTree type~tem_tracking_instance_type tem_tracking_instance_type type~tem_tracking_instance_type->type~tem_subtree_type subTree type~tem_spacetime_fun_type tem_spacetime_fun_type type~tem_spacetime_fun_type->type~tem_subtree_type subTree type~tem_st_fun_listelem_type tem_st_fun_listElem_type type~tem_st_fun_listelem_type->type~tem_spacetime_fun_type val type~tem_st_fun_listelem_type->type~tem_st_fun_listelem_type next type~tem_abortcriteria_type tem_abortCriteria_type type~tem_abortcriteria_type->type~tem_convergence_type convergence type~tem_variable_type tem_variable_type type~tem_variable_type->type~tem_spacetime_fun_type st_fun type~tem_tracking_type tem_tracking_type type~tem_tracking_type->type~tem_tracking_instance_type instance type~tem_simcontrol_type tem_simControl_type type~tem_simcontrol_type->type~tem_abortcriteria_type abortCriteria type~tem_st_fun_linkedlist_type tem_st_fun_linkedList_type type~tem_st_fun_linkedlist_type->type~tem_st_fun_listelem_type head type~tem_general_type tem_general_type type~tem_general_type->type~tem_simcontrol_type simControl



type(tem_global_type), private :: global

This entry provides some global informations on the mesh, which is needed across all partitions.

integer, private :: nElems

Total number of elements on this partition

integer, private :: nPoints

Total number of points on this partition

integer(kind=long_k), private :: glob_nPoints

Total number of points on this subTree

real(kind=rk), private, allocatable:: points(:,:)

(n, 3) array to store coordinate points for tracking

logical, private :: useGlobalMesh =.False.

does the subTree correspond with the corresponding one (valid for shape='all')

integer, private, allocatable:: map2global(:)

Position of the treeID in the corresponding tree on the partition only set for useGlobalMesh == False and useLocalShape == False

logical, private :: useLocalMesh =.False.

Does the subTree correspond local partition?

logical, private :: created_new_comm =.false.

Flag to indicate, whether a new communicator was created for this subtree.

integer(kind=long_k), private, allocatable:: treeID(:)

Actual array of treeIDs in the subTree. This is only defined for useGlobalMesh = .False. and logical :: useLocalMesh = .True. set for useGlobalMesh == False and useLocalShape == False

integer, private, allocatable:: bc_ID(:)

array of bc_ids of boundary labels defined in tracking%shape boundary

integer(kind=long_k), private :: elemOffset

Offset of this partition

integer(kind=long_k), private, allocatable:: ElemPropertyBits(:)

Bit field of element properties for each element (the array has a length of nElems), each bit in the 8 byte integer indicates the presence or absence of a given property, which are further described in the Property component.

type(tem_property_type), private, pointer:: Property(:)=> null()

declaration of additional elemental properties, the array has a length of global%nProperties, each property provides a list of local element indices of elements with this property.