hvs_ascii_type Derived Type

type, public :: hvs_ascii_type

Description of the opened files for ascii output.


type~~hvs_ascii_type~~InheritsGraph type~hvs_ascii_type hvs_ascii_type type~tem_reduction_spatial_type tem_reduction_spatial_type type~hvs_ascii_type->type~tem_reduction_spatial_type redSpatial

Inherited by

type~~hvs_ascii_type~~InheritedByGraph type~hvs_ascii_type hvs_ascii_type type~hvs_output_file_type hvs_output_file_type type~hvs_output_file_type->type~hvs_ascii_type ascii type~tem_tracking_instance_type tem_tracking_instance_type type~tem_tracking_instance_type->type~hvs_output_file_type output_file type~tem_tracking_type tem_tracking_type type~tem_tracking_type->type~tem_tracking_instance_type instance



integer, public :: outunit

File handle for the ascii file with the data.

character(len=pathLen), public :: basename

Basename of the VTK files to write

character(len=labelLen), public :: timestamp

Timestamp to construct the filename

logical, public :: isReduce

spatial reduction active If reduction is active, only root process of subTree dumps the data

type(tem_reduction_spatial_type), public, allocatable:: redSpatial(:)

reduction type which saves results from reduction

integer, public :: chunkSize

number of elements that fit in the buffer

integer, public :: nChunks

number of chunks per output