tem_global_type Derived Type

type, public :: tem_global_type

A datatype describing the global mesh information, present in all partitions (on all processes).

It includes the mesh name, the origin and extent of the universe, meaning the bounding cube, inside which the tree mesh was created. Further, the lowest and highest refinement levels are stored as well as the number of different properties, assigned to elements in the mesh. The properties are linked to in-detail descriptive data types themselves.


type~~tem_global_type~~InheritsGraph type~tem_global_type tem_global_type type~tem_prophead_type tem_prophead_type type~tem_global_type->type~tem_prophead_type Property

Inherited by

type~~tem_global_type~~InheritedByGraph type~tem_global_type tem_global_type type~treelmesh_type treelmesh_type type~treelmesh_type->type~tem_global_type global type~tem_subtree_type tem_subTree_type type~tem_subtree_type->type~tem_global_type global type~tem_convergence_type tem_convergence_type type~tem_convergence_type->type~tem_subtree_type subTree type~solver_type solver_type type~solver_type->type~treelmesh_type tree type~solver_type~8 solver_type type~solver_type~8->type~treelmesh_type tree type~solver_type~4 solver_type type~solver_type~4->type~treelmesh_type tree type~solver_type~6 solver_type type~solver_type~6->type~treelmesh_type tree type~tem_spacetime_fun_type tem_spacetime_fun_type type~tem_spacetime_fun_type->type~tem_subtree_type subTree type~solver_type~9 solver_type type~solver_type~9->type~treelmesh_type tree type~solver_type~3 solver_type type~solver_type~3->type~treelmesh_type tree type~solver_type~2 solver_type type~solver_type~2->type~treelmesh_type tree type~solver_type~5 solver_type type~solver_type~5->type~treelmesh_type tree type~solver_type~7 solver_type type~solver_type~7->type~treelmesh_type tree type~tem_tracking_instance_type tem_tracking_instance_type type~tem_tracking_instance_type->type~tem_subtree_type subTree type~tem_st_fun_listelem_type tem_st_fun_listElem_type type~tem_st_fun_listelem_type->type~tem_spacetime_fun_type val type~tem_st_fun_listelem_type->type~tem_st_fun_listelem_type next type~tem_abortcriteria_type tem_abortCriteria_type type~tem_abortcriteria_type->type~tem_convergence_type convergence type~tem_variable_type tem_variable_type type~tem_variable_type->type~tem_spacetime_fun_type st_fun type~tem_tracking_type tem_tracking_type type~tem_tracking_type->type~tem_tracking_instance_type instance type~tem_simcontrol_type tem_simControl_type type~tem_simcontrol_type->type~tem_abortcriteria_type abortCriteria type~tem_st_fun_linkedlist_type tem_st_fun_linkedList_type type~tem_st_fun_linkedlist_type->type~tem_st_fun_listelem_type head



real(kind=rk), private :: BoundingCubeLength

Length of the outermost bounding cube

real(kind=rk), private :: Origin(3)

Origin of the cube, extent of length in each direction from this point.

real(kind=rk), private :: effOrigin(3) =0._rk

Origin of the cube which is effectively covered by tree elements

real(kind=rk), private :: effLength(3) =0._rk

Length of the hexahedral domain which is effectively covered by tree elements

character(len=labelLen), private :: predefined =''

name of the predefined mesh generated on the fly

integer(kind=long_k), private :: nElems

total number of elements

integer, private :: nParts

Number of parts, the mesh is partitioned into !< process%comm_size

integer, private :: myPart

The part to be processed locally (0:nParts-1) !< process%rank

integer, private :: comm

MPI communicator of the processes, the mesh is distributed on

integer, private :: minLevel

Minimal element level present in the mesh

integer, private :: maxLevel

Maximal element level present in the mesh

character(len=LabelLen), private :: label

Name of the mesh

character(len=LabelLen), private :: comment

Space for comments

integer, private :: nProperties

Total number of properties present in the mesh properties: fluid, solid, has boundaries, has elements, is deformed

real(kind=rk), private :: effboundingCube(3,2)

The information of real bounding cube which is read from the mesh header

type(tem_prophead_type), private, pointer:: Property(:)=> null()

declarations for each property (The bit position of the flag for the property, the total number of elements with it, and label for its declaration). For a detailed description see \ref tem_property_module

character(len=pathlen), private :: dirname

Name of the directory, where the data for the mesh is read from. Has to have a trailing directory separator.

logical, private :: meshChange =.false.

did the mesh changed since last time dumping it??