mus_abortCriteria_module Module

Musubi specific criteria to abort the simulation.

This module provies the mus_abortCriteria_type that holds parameters for simulation aborts. The configuration parameters are read from the abort_criteria table in sim_control, see also tem_simControl_module.

Additional parameters for Musubi in the abort_criteria table:

  • velocity_lat_max: The maximal lattice velocity that may appear in the domain. Defaults to 0.15. Lattice velocities larger than 0.1 are considered to produce large errors.

A simple complete example for the Musubi abort_criteria table within the sim_control table is:

    abort_criteria = { 
      stop_file = 'stop',
      velocity_lat_max = 0.15 -- Maximum lattice velocity for Musubi


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Used by

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Derived Types

Musubi specific abort criteria.


real(kind=rk), private :: velLat_max =0.15_rk

Maximal lattice velocity that will be tolerated in the simulation. The lattice velocity should usually be smaller than 0.1.

Type-Bound Procedures

procedure, public :: load => mus_abortCriteria_load


private subroutine mus_abortCriteria_load(me, conf, abort_table)

Loading Musubi specific abort criteria from the abort_criteria table.

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class(mus_abortCriteria_type), intent(inout) :: me

Object to hold the solver specific configuration parameters.

type(flu_state), intent(in) :: conf

Handle to the Lua script with the configuration.

integer, intent(in) :: abort_table

Handle to the opened abort_criteria table that holds the abort parameters to load.