mus_abortCriteria_load Subroutine

private subroutine mus_abortCriteria_load(me, conf, abort_table)

Loading Musubi specific abort criteria from the abort_criteria table.

This routine is passed to the loading of abort criteria in tem_abortCriteria_load.


Type IntentOptional Attributes Name
class(mus_abortCriteria_type), intent(inout) :: me

Object to hold the solver specific configuration parameters.

type(flu_State), intent(in) :: conf

Handle to the Lua script with the configuration.

integer, intent(in) :: abort_table

Handle to the opened abort_criteria table that holds the abort parameters to load.


proc~~mus_abortcriteria_load~~CallsGraph proc~mus_abortcriteria_load mus_abortCriteria_load proc~aot_get_val aot_get_val proc~mus_abortcriteria_load->proc~aot_get_val