load_single_fill Subroutine

public subroutine load_single_fill(fills, conf, parent, pos)

Load the value fill definition for a single color.

The filling information has to be provided as a table with the label of the color, the fill value to use, where the color is present and the void value for the rest of the domain: \code{.lua} { label = 'colA', fill = 1.0, void = 0.0 }, \endcode

Defaults are: fill=1.0, void=0.0. Note that the keys can be left out, and assignment by position is possible.


type(sdr_subres_fills_type), intent(inout) :: fills

Value definitions for individual colors.

type(flu_State) :: conf

Handle for the Lua script.

integer, intent(in) :: parent

Parent table, within which to open the fills table.

integer, intent(in) :: pos

Position in the table of fills to load.


proc~~load_single_fill~~CallsGraph proc~load_single_fill load_single_fill proc~sdr_subres_fills_add sdr_subres_fills_add proc~load_single_fill->proc~sdr_subres_fills_add interface~aot_get_val aot_get_val proc~load_single_fill->interface~aot_get_val proc~aot_table_close aot_table_close proc~load_single_fill->proc~aot_table_close proc~aot_table_open aot_table_open proc~load_single_fill->proc~aot_table_open proc~tem_abort tem_abort proc~load_single_fill->proc~tem_abort interface~append~11 append proc~sdr_subres_fills_add->interface~append~11 proc~upper_to_lower upper_to_lower proc~sdr_subres_fills_add->proc~upper_to_lower

Called by

proc~~load_single_fill~~CalledByGraph proc~load_single_fill load_single_fill proc~sdr_subres_fills_load sdr_subres_fills_load proc~sdr_subres_fills_load->proc~load_single_fill proc~sdr_subresolution_load sdr_subresolution_load proc~sdr_subresolution_load->proc~sdr_subres_fills_load proc~sdr_load_config sdr_load_config proc~sdr_load_config->proc~sdr_subresolution_load program~seeder seeder program~seeder->proc~sdr_load_config



integer, public :: thandle
character(len=labelLen), public :: cLabel
real(kind=rk), public :: fill_value
real(kind=rk), public :: void_value
integer, public :: iError
integer, public :: colpos
logical, public :: wasAdded