ply_evalLegendreTensPoly Subroutine

public subroutine ply_evalLegendreTensPoly(coords, nCoords, maxPolyDegree, basisType, polyVal)

Evaluate three-dimensional tensor product Legendre polynomials (not-normalized) at a given set of coordinates.


real(kind=rk), intent(in) :: coords(:,:)

Array of coordinates (on the reference element) to evaluate the tensor product polynomials at. First dimension is nCoord, second is 3 for x,y,z component.

integer, intent(in) :: nCoords

The number of coordinates to evaluate the polynomials at.

integer, intent(in) :: maxPolyDegree

The maximum polynomail degree of the MODG scheme.

integer, intent(in) :: basisType
real(kind=rk), intent(out), allocatable:: polyVal(:,:)

The polynomial values. First dimension is the number of tensor product polynomials and the second dimension is the number of points, i.e. nCoords.



real(kind=rk), private, allocatable:: polyValX(:,:)
real(kind=rk), private, allocatable:: polyValY(:,:)
real(kind=rk), private, allocatable:: polyValZ(:,:)
integer, private :: iAnsX
integer, private :: iAnsY
integer, private :: iAnsZ
integer, private :: iAns
integer, private :: ansPos
integer, private :: ansPosMax
real(kind=rk), private :: n_q