ply_fpt_exec_striped Subroutine

public subroutine ply_fpt_exec_striped(nIndeps, alph, gam, params)

Convert coefficients of a modal representation in terms of Legendre polynomials to modal coefficients in terms of Chebyshev polynomials.


integer, intent(in) :: nIndeps

Number of values that can be computed independently.

real(kind=rk), intent(in) :: alph(:)

Modal coefficients of the Legendre expansion. Size has to be: (1:params%n*indeps,nVars)

The direction which is to be transformed has to run fastest in the array.

real(kind=rk), intent(out) :: gam(:)

Modal coefficients of the Chebyshev expansion. Size has to be: (1:indeps*params%n,nVars)

Note, that the resulting array will have changed layout, and the transformed direction will run slowest in the array.

type(ply_trafo_params_type), intent(inout) :: params

The parameters of the fast polynomial transformation.


proc~~ply_fpt_exec_striped~~CallsGraph proc~ply_fpt_exec_striped ply_fpt_exec_striped proc~ply_calculate_coeff_strip ply_calculate_coeff_strip proc~ply_fpt_exec_striped->proc~ply_calculate_coeff_strip

Called by

proc~~ply_fpt_exec_striped~~CalledByGraph proc~ply_fpt_exec_striped ply_fpt_exec_striped proc~ply_pnttoleg_vec ply_pntToLeg_vec proc~ply_pnttoleg_vec->proc~ply_fpt_exec_striped proc~ply_legtopnt_vec ply_legToPnt_vec proc~ply_legtopnt_vec->proc~ply_fpt_exec_striped proc~ply_pnttoleg_lobatto_vec ply_pntToLeg_lobatto_vec proc~ply_pnttoleg_lobatto_vec->proc~ply_fpt_exec_striped proc~ply_legtopnt_lobatto_vec ply_legToPnt_lobatto_vec proc~ply_legtopnt_lobatto_vec->proc~ply_fpt_exec_striped



integer, private :: j
integer, private :: r
integer, private :: i
integer, private :: l
integer, private :: k
integer, private :: h
integer, private :: n
integer, private :: s
integer, private :: m
integer, private :: iStrip
integer, private :: iFun
integer, private :: indep
integer, private :: odd
integer, private :: strip_ub
integer, private :: striplen
integer, private :: remainder
integer, private :: nRows
integer, private :: ub_row
integer, private :: row_rem(params%striplen)
integer, private :: stripend
integer, private :: rowsize
integer, private :: block_off
integer, private :: stripoff
integer, private :: iBlock