ply_trafo_params_type Derived Type

type, public :: ply_trafo_params_type


type~~ply_trafo_params_type~~InheritsGraph type~ply_trafo_params_type ply_trafo_params_type type~ply_submatrix_type ply_submatrix_type type~ply_trafo_params_type->type~ply_submatrix_type sub type~ply_sub_vec ply_sub_vec type~ply_trafo_params_type->type~ply_sub_vec u type~ply_subvector_type ply_subvector_type type~ply_trafo_params_type->type~ply_subvector_type b type~ply_rowdata_type ply_rowdata_type type~ply_submatrix_type->type~ply_rowdata_type subRow type~ply_matrixexpcoeffoddeven_type ply_matrixExpCoeffOddEven_type type~ply_subvector_type->type~ply_matrixexpcoeffoddeven_type col type~ply_coldata_type ply_coldata_type type~ply_rowdata_type->type~ply_coldata_type subCol type~ply_matrixexpcoeff_type ply_matrixExpCoeff_type type~ply_coldata_type->type~ply_matrixexpcoeff_type rowDat

Inherited by

type~~ply_trafo_params_type~~InheritedByGraph type~ply_trafo_params_type ply_trafo_params_type type~ply_legfpt_type ply_legFpt_type type~ply_legfpt_type->type~ply_trafo_params_type legToChebParams, chebToLegParams type~ply_prj_body_type ply_prj_body_type type~ply_prj_body_type->type~ply_legfpt_type fpt type~ply_poly_project_type ply_poly_project_type type~ply_poly_project_type->type~ply_prj_body_type body_1d, body_2d, body_3d type~sdr_temdata_type sdr_temData_type type~sdr_temdata_type->type~ply_poly_project_type projection



type(ply_sub_vec), private, allocatable:: u(:,:)

Lagrange polynomials evaluated at the Chebyshev points on [0,+1].

real(kind=rk), private, allocatable:: diag(:,:)

The array to store the diagonals of the matrix in.

The first index are the rows, the second index are the columns.

real(kind=rk), private, allocatable:: adapter(:,:,:)

The array to store the adapters between diagonal and blocks in.

The first index are the rows, the second the diagonals, and the third the adapter.

type(ply_submatrix_type), private, allocatable:: sub(:)

Data of all sub matrices (separated from the diagonal). Size is the number of different sub matrix sizes, i.e. h.

integer, private :: nBlocks

Number of blocks in one direction of the matrix.

integer, private :: striplen

Length of stripes to use in the matrix operation.

integer, private :: remainder

Remaining columns close to the diagonal after subdividing the matrix into blocks

integer, private :: nDiagonals

Number of full diagonals that need to be considered close the diagonal of the matrix.

integer, private :: nBlockDiagonals

Number of diagonals in triangle blocks, that remain between blocks and full diagonals.

integer, private :: n

The number of modal coefficients to convert

integer, private :: k

The number of Cheb coefficients to approximate M

integer, private :: s

The size of the smallest subblock of M

integer, private :: h

The number of subblocks (per direction) in M

integer, private :: subblockingWidth

The width of the subblocks used during the unrolled base exchange to ensure a better cache usage.

integer, private :: trafo

The transformation type

type(ply_subvector_type), private, allocatable:: b(:)

Conversion data structure used for fpt.