posofval_attribute Function

private function posofval_attribute(me, val, nextifnotfound, lower, upper) result(pos)

the actual position of a given value in the dynamic array

most likely this is what you need in codes, using this data structure, it first does the binary search on the sorted values with sortposofval_attribute and then returns the looked up position in the original unsorted array, which corresponds to the position returned by the append routine.


type(dyn_attributearray_type), intent(in) :: me
type(sdr_attribute_type), intent(in) :: val
logical, intent(in), optional :: nextifnotfound

flag to indicate, if the position of the next entry in the sorted list should be returned instead, if val is not found.

integer, intent(in), optional :: lower
integer, intent(in), optional :: upper

Return Value integer


proc~~posofval_attribute~~CallsGraph proc~posofval_attribute posofval_attribute interface~sortedposofval sortedposofval proc~posofval_attribute->interface~sortedposofval proc~sortposofval_attribute sortposofval_attribute interface~sortedposofval->proc~sortposofval_attribute

Called by

proc~~posofval_attribute~~CalledByGraph proc~posofval_attribute posofval_attribute interface~positionofval positionofval interface~positionofval->proc~posofval_attribute



integer, private :: sortpos
integer, private :: lb
integer, private :: ub