sdr_attribute_type Derived Type

type, public :: sdr_attribute_type

This data type describes type of attribute

Inherited by

type~~sdr_attribute_type~~InheritedByGraph type~sdr_attribute_type sdr_attribute_type type~dyn_attributearray_type dyn_attributearray_type type~dyn_attributearray_type->type~sdr_attribute_type val type~sdr_attrlist_type sdr_attrList_type type~sdr_attrlist_type->type~dyn_attributearray_type dynArray type~sdr_geometry_type sdr_geometry_type type~sdr_geometry_type->type~sdr_attrlist_type attribute



integer, private :: kind

Kind of this attribute: - boundary - seed - refinement - fluidifyable - noSolidification

character(len=labelLen), private :: label

Label to identify this attribute.

character(len=labelLen), private :: color

Color to associate the object with.

This is only relevant for seeds and boundaries. Refinements do not have colors. Color names are case-insensitive! Boundaries limit seeds of the same color, or all seeds, if they do not have a color ('none' or 'all'). Only boundaries without a color will actually be written as boundary conditions all others are assumed to be covered internally. NOTICE, that this results in a somewhat special behavior, where seeds of color 'none' or 'all' are just usual colors (though none and all will be the same), while boundaries of this color will confine all colors, not just the seeds with 'none' color. This means, that 'none' colored seeds can not be confined on their own. Their boundaries will always bound all colors! Boundaries, with a color matching no seed will be ignored by the flooding but are still relevant for refinement. The default is 'none'.

integer, private :: level

Refinement level to resolve this attribute with at least.

integer, private :: id =0

ID in the list of attributes of this kind.

integer, private :: uni_id =0

Uni-id of this attribute in the list of unique names for this kind. (labels for boundaries, colors for seeds)

logical, private :: subresolution =.false.

This object should be resolved further than the elements of the mesh.

Only useful for boundary objects. And only effective, if this boundary has a specific color (not the none-color).

logical, private :: calc_dist =.false.

Indicator of whether to calculate link-wise distance

logical, private :: flood_diagonal =.true.

Indicator of whether to flood diagonal node during flood_periphery

integer, private :: distRefine_id =0

Uni-id to identify attribute with certain number of distance refinement

integer, private :: distance_first =0

Start position of distance refine object of this attribute in growing array of distance refine

integer, private :: distance_last =0

Last position of distance refine object of this attribute in growing array of distance refine