ply_subsample_type Derived Type

type, public :: ply_subsample_type



logical, private :: isActive =.false.

Is subsampling active

integer, private :: sampling_lvl

The current sampling lvl.

integer, private :: caplevel =20

Maximal Level down to which subsampling should be done.

integer, private :: minsub =0

Minimal subsampling depth:

integer, private :: maxsub =0

Maximal subsampling depth:

real(kind=rk), private :: eps_osci

Maximum allowed oscillation of the solution. For adaptive subsampling only.

real(kind=rk), private :: dofReducFactor

Factor for the reduction of the degrees of freedom in one subsampling step (per spatial direction).

logical, private :: adaptiveDofReduction

Indicator for limitation of total memory consumption

integer, private :: AbsUpperBoundLevel

Absolute upper bound level to refine to.