append Interface

private interface append

Interface to append point, offset_bit and elemPos to pointData


interface~~append~2~~CallsGraph interface~append~2 append proc~append_pointdata append_pointData interface~append~2->proc~append_pointdata interface~append~21 append proc~append_pointdata->interface~append~21 proc~tem_coordofreal tem_CoordOfReal proc~append_pointdata->proc~tem_coordofreal proc~tem_idofcoord tem_IdOfCoord proc~append_pointdata->proc~tem_idofcoord proc~append_da_label append_da_label interface~append~21->proc~append_da_label proc~append_da_veclabel append_da_veclabel interface~append~21->proc~append_da_veclabel interface~expand~19 expand proc~append_da_label->interface~expand~19 interface~sortedposofval~4 sortedposofval proc~append_da_label->interface~sortedposofval~4 proc~append_da_veclabel->interface~expand~19


Module Procedures

private subroutine append_pointData(me, point, storePnt, offset_bit, storeOffsetBit, elemPos, tree, pos, wasAdded)

Routine to append point Datas like points, offset_bit and elemPos Append point datas only if treeID of a point in max level is newly added


type(tem_pointData_type), intent(inout) :: me

Point data type to be filled

real(kind=rk), intent(in) :: point(1:3)

space coordinate to append

logical, intent(in) :: storePnt

logical to store point into me%grwPnt

character, intent(in) :: offset_bit

offset bit to append

logical, intent(in) :: storeOffsetBit

logical to store offset bit into me%offset_bit

integer, intent(in) :: elemPos

Position of element which contains given point in global tree%treeID

type(treelmesh_type), intent(in) :: tree

global tree

integer, intent(out) :: pos

return position of treeID of a point in maxLevel in me%treeID

logical, intent(out) :: wasAdded

If point is new and added to pointData