velocity_eq Subroutine

public subroutine velocity_eq(me, state, bcBuffer, globBC, levelDesc, tree, nSize, iLevel, sim_time, neigh, layout, fieldProp, varPos, nScalars, varSys, derVarPos, physics, iField, mixture)

Inlet Velocity Equilibrium type boundary conditions for weakly compressible lbm scheme

The incoming densities are set to the equilibrium distribution with macroscopic values: - density is extrapolated (0 or 1st order) from the flow domain + 0-order: so we simply use the density of the boundary element itself - velocity is used as defined in the configuration file


boundary_condition = {
  { label = 'inlet',
    kind = 'velocity_eq',
    velocity = 'inlet_vel',
variable = {
  name = 'inlet_vel',
  ncomponents = 3,
  vartype = 'st_fun',
  st_fun = {0.06, 0.0, 0.0}

This subroutine's interface must match the abstract interface definition boundaryRoutine in bc/mus_bc_header_module.f90 in order to be callable via fnct function pointer.


class(boundary_type) :: me

global boundary type

real(kind=rk), intent(inout) :: state(:)

Current state vector of iLevel

real(kind=rk), intent(in) :: bcBuffer(:)

state values of boundary elements of all fields of iLevel

type(glob_boundary_type), intent(in) :: globBC

scheme global boundary type

type(tem_levelDesc_type), intent(in) :: levelDesc

iLevel descriptor

type(treelmesh_type), intent(in) :: tree

Treelm Mesh

integer, intent(in) :: nSize

size of state array ( in terms of elements )

integer, intent(in) :: iLevel

the level On which this boundary was invoked

type(tem_time_type), intent(in) :: sim_time

global time information

integer, intent(in) :: neigh(:)

connectivity array corresponding to state vector

type(mus_scheme_layout_type), intent(in) :: layout

stencil layout information

type(mus_field_prop_type), intent(in) :: fieldProp

fluid parameters and properties

integer, intent(in) :: varPos(:)

pointer to field variable in the state vector

integer, intent(in) :: nScalars

number of Scalars in the scheme var system

type(tem_varSys_type), intent(in) :: varSys

scheme variable system

type(mus_derVarPos_type), intent(in) :: derVarPos

position of derived quantities in varsys

type(mus_physics_type), intent(in) :: physics

scheme global boundary type

integer, intent(in) :: iField

current field

type(mus_mixture_type), intent(in) :: mixture

mixture info



real(kind=rk), private :: fEq(layout%fStencil%QQ)
real(kind=rk), private :: rho(1)
real(kind=rk), private :: vel(3,1)
real(kind=rk), private :: vel_b(3*globBC%nElems(iLevel))
real(kind=rk), private :: inv_vel
integer, private :: iELem
integer, private :: iDir
integer, private :: QQ
integer, private :: elemPos
integer, private :: posInBuffer
integer, private :: bcVel_pos