sdr_spatialObj_type Derived Type

type, public :: sdr_spatialObj_type

This data type describes a geometric object generically.

It is used to build a list of all objects that are to be checked for intersection and provides a uniform access to them. In the tree nodes a single integer index is then sufficient to identify the intersected object.

Inherited by

type~~sdr_spatialobj_type~~InheritedByGraph type~sdr_spatialobj_type sdr_spatialObj_type type~grw_spatialobjarray_type grw_spatialobjarray_type type~grw_spatialobjarray_type->type~sdr_spatialobj_type val type~sdr_geometry_type sdr_geometry_type type~sdr_geometry_type->type~grw_spatialobjarray_type spatialObj



integer, private :: attribute_position

Position of the attribute in the list of attributes, this object should be attached to.

integer, private :: geometry_primitive

What kind of geometric primitive is this object?

Supported are: 1. point 2. line 3. triangle 4. box

integer, private :: primitive_position

Position in the list of correspoding primitive.