Channel 2D PressExpol PressExpol

Channel 2D - Pressure Extrapolation BCs

Test Case Description

Simple channel flow driven by pressure drop across the channel. Using pressure extrapolation boundary as in- and outlet. In order to run the test case with the same settings as the other C2D_BC cases, double the number of elements in height (nHeight = 40) in seeder.lua to use 40 instead of 20 elements and thus a finer resolution.


For the nightly regression check, the tracking is mostly deactivated. Please make sure to remove the comments to activate it for usual runs.

Templates for Advanced Studies

The templates directory contains a shepherd config file and all necessary template files to run convergence studies for mesh refinement and omega. For numerical stability the Reynolds number has been decreased to 10 (instead of 100) to ensure that the simulations stay below limits of the LBM method.