This is a collection of examples that illustrates the usage of the various capabilities of Musubi.

Musubi is configured via Lua scripts which need to define several variables. Most of these variables are tables with multiple components. See any of the specific examples below for a complete configuration.

At least the following need to be defined:

Some other variables may be set to enable optional features or override defaults:

Treelm also provides various general settings that may be specified in the configuration, see tem_general_module.

Please note that you can include other Lua scripts with require. And you can access table components with a dot notation like equation.name.

The Lua script will be executed by Musubi and in the end the defined variables will be used as configuration for the simulation.

A configuration that shows the typical parameters for a flow simulation is provided in Nozzle Flow inside.


The example setups are structured according to the physics supported by Musubi: