Concentric Cylinders

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Concentric Cylinders-Couette Flow

Couette flow between two circular cylinders is used to investigate the behaviour of velocity boundary condition for complex geometries with q-values. In this flow, the inner cylinder with radius rotates with a constant angular velocity and the outer cylinder with radius is kept stationary. This Couette flow has the following analytical solution where and .

Here are the list of test cases:

The geometry of the this cylindrical channel is created with the help of the STL in cylinder_Dia1m.stl.

In these test cases, in addition to the aforementioned features, you will also learn how to:

  • Create a mesh with boundaries with q-values using Seeder.
  • Post-processing and visualization in Paraview.
  • Create a 2D plot using Gleaner tool. Gleaner is a Python tool which extracts data from Musubi ascii output and uses matplotlib in python to create a plot.