Concentric Cylinders

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Concentric Cylinders-Couette Flow Multi-level

Couette flow between two circular cylinders is used to investigate the behaviour of velocity boundary condition for complex geometries with q-values. In this flow, the inner cylinder with radius rotates with a constant angular velocity and the outer cylinder with radius is kept stationary.

This Couette flow has the following analytical solution where and .

The mesh created here is multiple resolutions. Distance refinement is used to refine towards both inner and outer cylinder with level=minlevel+2. The element size near the cylinder is similar to 64 elements in inner cylinder of single level mesh.

In these test cases, in addition to the aforementioned features, you will also learn how to:

  • Create a mesh with boundaries with q-values and distance refinement using Seeder.
  • Post-processing nd visualization in Paraview.
  • Create a 2D plot using Gleaner tool. Gleaner is a Python tool which extracts data from Musubi ascii output and uses matplotlib in python library to create a plot.