Gaussian Pulse in Pressure in a Cube

Progress of this test case is tracked in the following ticket: Action #2206: Test case - Benchmark: Gaussian pulse

Gaussian Pulse in Pressure in a Cube

In this example, we will simulate a Gaussian pulse in pressure in a simple pre-defined cube with periodic boundaries and user-defined initial condition. The gaussian pulse can be also used via a lua function, c. f. * lua-function of gaussian pulse For this simple geometry, we even do not need Seeder.

The objectives of this example is to introduce how to: * Use a pre-defined geometry instead of creating a mesh with Seeder. * Simulate the Gaussian pulse in the cube using Musubi. * Create 2D plots using the Gleaner tool. Gleaner is a Python tool that extracts data from Musubi ASCII output and uses the plotting library Matplotlib in Python to create a plot. * Validate the numerical results by comparing them against the analytic solution. The latter one is calculated using NumPy, a mathematic extension for Python. * Compare the simulation results (L4) to previously generated data obtained with higher resolution (reference folder, L5 & L6) to experience the influence of the resolution.


This file has to be filled with content like: * Problem description * Formulas * Results * Comparison for different resolutions * How to run the simulation

Here are the results from the simulation.

Pressure across the length of the channel for different resolutions at the beginning (initial condition): Pressure_Profile-IC The higher the level -- and with that the resolution -- the better the solution compared to the analytical one.

Pressure across the length of the channel for different resolutions at the end: Pressure_Profile It can be seen that the resolution has a great impact on the results.

To create these plots, run python to create the plots. Before running the plot script, open '' and update path to Gleaner script in 'glrPath'. Download Gleaner script using hg clone

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