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Changes in Musubi 2.0

Musubi 2.0 comes with several changes. Old config files will not work any more since some layout and names have been changes.

Here is a list of important changes: * Added lattice Mach number and lattice velocity check * Changed layout names * Renamed boundary routine names * fluid table: we don't specify omega anymore, now we need kinematic_viscosity and bulk_viscosity

Bc Names

Boundary routine names changed:

old name --> new name inlet_bfl --> velocity_bfl inlet_bfl_incomp --> velocity_bfl_incomp inlet_eq --> velocity_eq inlet_mfr --> mfr_bounceback inlet_mfr_eq --> mfr_eq inlet_ubb --> velocity_bounceback inlet_ubb_incomp --> velocity_bounceback_incomp

moleDens_dirichlet_curved --> moleDens_nonEqExpol_curved moleDens_dirichlet_straight --> moleDens_nonEqExpol moleDens_neumann_straight --> moleDens_neumann

moments_press --> pressure_momentsbased moments_press_incomp --> pressure_momentsbased_incomp moments_vel --> velocity_momentsbased moments_vel_incomp --> velocity_momentsbased_incomp

outlet_eq --> pressure_eq outlet_expol --> pressure_expol outlet_expol_slow --> pressure_expol_slow outlet_pab --> pressure_antiBounceBack

potential_dirichlet --> potential_nonEqExpol potential_dirichlet_curved --> potential_nonEqExpol_curved

Layout Names

lbm --> fluid lbm_incomp --> fluid_incompressible

Lattice velocity check

When running musubi we check if Lattice velocity exceed the default stability threshold of 0.15. If this happens we abort the simulation and end the code in a propper way. This theshold can be modified inside the config file via: