Convected vortex in a domain with a coarser grid at the center

Vortex convection

In this example, we will simulate a Vortex convected in a uniform flow.

The objectives of this example is to introduce how to: * How to use the new interpolation based on the transfer of both equilibrium and non equilibrium pdfs at multi level interfaces.

The choice is available in the musubi.lua file. interpolation_method = { method = 'quadratic', -- or any other: linear, weighted_average type_of_interpolation = 'moment' -- 'pdf' }

type_of_interpolation = pdf => feq_neq (new version) type_of_interpolation = moment => moment (old version)

  • how to set the new collision models: Recursive Regularized bgk (rr_bgk), Projected RR_bgk (prr_bgk), Hybrid RR_bgk (hrr_bgk), Dual Relaxation Time rr_bgk (drt_bgk). For HRR_bgk we need to give in input the value of sigma in the fluid table, see below. The default value is 0.98. For DRT_bgk we need to give in input the tauN value. The dafault value is 0.70.

--! [Scheme identifier] identify = { layout = 'd2q9', -- Stencil relaxation = 'prr_bgk', -- Collision: rr_bgk, prr_bgk, hrr_bgk kind = 'fluid' -- Physics } --! [Scheme identifier]

--! [Fluid] fluid = { kinematic_viscosity = nu_phy, hrr_sigma = 0.00, -- default: 0.98 drt_taun = 0.7, -- default: 0.70 } --! [Fluid]


This file has to be filled with content like: * Problem description * Formulas * Results * Comparison for different resoultions * How to run the simulation